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digiFilm™ Camera by YASHICA

GOSPACE Supercharger

The Flat Multipurpose Origami Stand

Restyle the Retro Vintage

Super Slim Sim Adapter

Beyond the Cloud: Storage, Charging & Streaming

All-Touch Desk Lamp


With Tern, Global Data Connection Is Just One Click Away

Who wants less hassle when they travel? Most probably… everyone! This is where Tern comes in, when using it, there are no monthly fees, no contracts and no switching SIM cards. When going overseas, you might look for local SIM cards or a portable WiFi, and those could...

Holga Printer: The Hand-held Mobile Photo Printer

We, at Wooaw, carry the Holga Digital camera, so it’s just about time that we write about the Holga Printer! If you find that digital photos aren’t enough to capture special moments, this is for you! In the Kickstarter campaign page, you can read more about the...

The New Puzzle Cube To Go Crazy About

Surely, you’ve heard of the Rubik’s Cube. It’s that puzzle that was invented in 1974, but not much has really changed since then, especially with its design…

Kickstarter Find: GOSPACE

Not sure about you, but I would want to have a portable storage device wherever I go, especially when I’m travelling!…

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